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You are an experienced sales professional and manager who coaches, mentors, and leads their team to sales excellence. Your greatest successes balance management of the day-to-day “doing” with development of high-level strategy.

Our client is a highly successful, service-based business in the travel industry, is seeking a Director of Sales who is always focused on fostering teamwork, creating a positive work environment, and providing unbeatable, customized sales solutions.

About You
  • 15+ years management experience in fast-paced, sales environment
  • Proven leadership in a positive, supportive team environment
  • Experience in hiring, training, coaching and motivating a sales team
  • Relationship-builder, and ability to influence others through genuine interest and care
  • Works effectively at all levels of an organization, from sales assistants to executive leadership
  • Ability to consistently achieve sales targets, apply sales strategy and establish effective processes

About the Role
  • Work with organization’s leaders to develop strategy for growth and optimal sales performance
  • Accountable for all sales team activities and results
  • Demonstrate understanding and belief of the organization’s values and vision; embrace an entrepreneurial mindset of change and innovation
  • Recruit, develop and lead the sales team towards great success and great  celebrations of same
  • Member of the leadership team, with responsibility to report outcomes, address challenges, and constantly adapt to environmental changes

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Screening Process

Wondering where you stand if you're a job seeker? Here's an overview of what you can expect on the job hunting end.


This seems self-explanatory. You've polished, edited, fabuloused your resume for us, so you've applied to a job or registered through our online portal. Your resume then makes its way to us via email.

Job Match

We are a client-facing business so we’re actively seeking people that fit our client’s requests. If you’re a fit for a role, we’ll reach out via email or phone to chat further about the opportunity with you. If the opportunity aligns with your career trajectory, we’ll continue the discussion from there. If you’re not a fit for a role, we’ll do our best to let you know that so we can keep your job hunt respected and honest.

Online Screening

If we've contacted you with an opportunity that you're interested in pursuing, we'll put you through a screening process called the Online Career Profile. It's an online questionnaire that allows us to get to know you more in-depth: what you've achieved, where you want to go, your views on corporate culture. It takes about an hour to complete, but we promise the investment will be worth the return so we can find you a perfect match.


We then meet face-to-face with you to flush out your OCP further and get to know you on a personal level. If following this both parties see a great fit for the role in mind, we then introduce you to our client to go through their interview and hiring process.

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