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Our client, Pacific Academy, based in Surrey, British Columbia is seeking a multi-faceted, passionate educational leader to serve as their new Head of School
Why Pacific Academy?
Pacific Academy is well-known and respected as a pioneering Canadian Christian academic institution. They have a history of providing an exceptional, holistic, faith-integrated educational experience. A quick walk of the campus reinforces this is a special place. Students are challenged to strive for academic excellence. Faculty care for their students and coach them well beyond academic performance. Pacific Academy’s name has drawing power and they continue to lead their community with renewed vision, and educational innovation.

Why now?
Pacific Academy is committed to continual improvement, being transformational, and launching meaningful initiatives that positively impact students both in and out of the classroom. They innovate in order to broaden their reach and increase their impact. In so doing, they will undoubtedly attract new families, faculty and staff. The Head of School will be responsible for stewarding the school’s vision and delivering comprehensive strategies that achieve objectives. At Pacific Academy, there is room to evolve, innovate and play a key role in leading the school into new frontiers. 

About You
Visionary.  Educator.  Innovator.

You live to lead people and organizations to the next level. You relish the idea of designing and executing a strategy designed to help a financially stable, high-performing organization become stronger, more innovative and more missional. Your personal faith compels you to serve in a way pleasing to God, open to the Holy Spirit and mindful of others. You’re a natural leader and inspire excellence from your team, colleagues and stakeholders. You’re highly skilled at engaging, influencing and connecting – bottom line – you can communicate vision and build trust.

Your values compel you to bring your best to every situation – no matter how challenging. You’re committed to growing people to be the best they can be; understanding and solving existing and future problems; raising the bar and setting the pace. You’re a great balance between obsessing over important key performance indicators, and thinking laterally to solve problems with creative solutions.

People describe you as having the ‘It’ factor and you generally become the ‘go-to' person on any team. Bottom line, you can provide the ‘Professional Proof' to back up your bold claims of excellence in educational innovation and your ego doesn't interfere with your efficacy.

If you are interested in hearing more about this role, please email Peter Reek peter@smartsavvy.com and we will share the Executive Brief with you so we can start a conversation. If you know you are interested, please apply here.
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