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Talent Research Specialist 

Do you like problem solving, influencing, tackling challenges head-on and exceeding expectations? If so, read on. 

At Smart Savvy, we find high-caliber marketing, communications and sales professionals with proven track records for companies who need them. Our specialty is strong relationships. We get to know our candidates and we explore the job requirements, cultural context and business objectives surrounding each hire. And yes… we're good at smoking out the 'pretenders' too.


Smart Savvy's client base is growing, our talent pool is deepening, and we're expanding our market to include the Pacific Northwest. Henceforth (and anon) we're expanding our team! We’re looking for a people-oriented recent graduate, early or mid-stage career professional with sleuth-like superpowers to uncover proven candidates for our clients.  Still interested? Keep reading. 

About You

You are often described as someone who ‘gets it’. You love problem-solving, complexity and challenge. You love a good game of cat and mouse.  You're 'on it' like white on rice.  You’re a self-starter, with an entrepreneurial flair, “super” strong attention to detail and persistence galore. You like people and 9 out 10 like you. You're known for your ability to research, communicate and manage projects. If the description above rings true, this role may be for you.

About the Responsibilities
  • Build a robust pipeline of right fit candidates to fill client roles in a timely manner.
  • Develop and execute innovative search techniques to generate pipelines of candidates necessary to fill open and future positions.
  • Create, manage and update CRM database of potential candidates.
  • Partner with Recruiters to fill jobs in a timely manner with the right-fit candidates.
  • Develop, execute and monitor online candidate search campaigns using a variety of internet search engines as a delivery vehicle for producing quality candidates.
  • Develop and execute innovative search techniques to generate pipelines of candidates necessary to fill open and future positions.
  • Implement creative and targeted search/marketing strategies that help recruiting staff be more successful in pipelining both active and passive candidates.
  • Conduct reference checks on top candidates.
  • Handle inbound candidate inquiries.
  • Collaborates on a regular basis by providing optimum approaches to strengthen candidate pipelines including annual talent acquisition strategies and initiatives.
  • Keeps up with the latest trends and proactively suggests ideas and innovations to keep the organization ahead of the curve.
  • Ensure company complies with laws and regulations as it relates to online sourcing, staffing, and hiring practices.
This role is based in Fort Langley. 

To apply for this role, send us your resume along with 5 reasons why you are meant for this job. 
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Screening Process

Wondering where you stand if you're a job seeker? Here's an overview of what you can expect on the job hunting end.


This seems self-explanatory. You've polished, edited, fabuloused your resume for us, so you've applied to a job or registered through our online portal. Your resume then makes its way to us via email.

Job Match

We are a client-facing business so we’re actively seeking people that fit our client’s requests. If you’re a fit for a role, we’ll reach out via email or phone to chat further about the opportunity with you. If the opportunity aligns with your career trajectory, we’ll continue the discussion from there. If you’re not a fit for a role, we’ll do our best to let you know that so we can keep your job hunt respected and honest.

Online Screening

If we've contacted you with an opportunity that you're interested in pursuing, we'll put you through a screening process called the Online Career Profile. It's an online questionnaire that allows us to get to know you more in-depth: what you've achieved, where you want to go, your views on corporate culture. It takes about an hour to complete, but we promise the investment will be worth the return so we can find you a perfect match.


We then meet face-to-face with you to flush out your OCP further and get to know you on a personal level. If following this both parties see a great fit for the role in mind, we then introduce you to our client to go through their interview and hiring process.

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